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Log Cabin

Our 33-foot, custom-built, log cabin mobile food unit is approved by the state of North Carolina.  It features a six-foot smoker with racks of rotisseries sufficient to smoke up to 800 pounds of meat at one time.  An additional four-foot warmer above the smoker  keeps food at the appropriate temperature for serving.  Clyde only cooks with wood (oak, cherry, hickory) on their rig, endearingly nicknamed "The Pig Palace” by family members.  



The "kitchen” part of our cabin is state-of-the-art and is equipped with four refrigerators, one freezer, a three-bay hot well, three large stainless steel sinks, plus a separate hand-washing sink.  Other amenities include all hardwood floors, cabinets, and two air conditioners, which Daphne especially likes!  We are graded just like restaurants and are proud to say that we have never received a sanitation grade lower than 99.0.

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Minimum order 6 bottles - any combination of sauces or seasonings